Lays it's mark as a virus
Playing you for a fool
Sneaking up and laying wait
Using you as a tool

It's very maniacal
More so than you'ld think
revolution, piracy
enough to make a stink

It refuses to resist
All it speaks is it's hate
It's hard to break up loneliness
All it can uneducate

With crimes too close to home
And hype running rampant
Terrorism falls inplace
Gods response is "Damn it!"

Blades are swinging over-head
Trying to cut us down
But speak up and save yourselves
Before you end-up underground


All we talk about is were we've been,
All we've done, and all we've seen.
And we'll do it all again,
Because all we are, are machines.

As we try to keep our distance
From the world's social outcasts;
We aim our search at "fitting-in"
With the price pending on our pasts.

We say what was said,
And we do what was done.
We can't think for ourselves,
So what makes life so much fun?

Plaguing people with your problems,
Causing others misery,
Bringing others down in your fall,
And making melancholy.

The worlds joy turns to sadness,
The untouchables come out at last.
As society devours itself,
There thoughts of gloom are in the past.


My dreams turn to nightmares.
My nightmares are coming true.
I take a pill to relieve the pain,
What else can I do?

Night turns into day,
My nightmares are still there.
They are with me every place.
Itís more than I can bear.

I take another pill,
One to clear my mind.
My body aches, My stomach churns;
I think it was the wrong kind.

Now I feel close to God.
Every thing looks like night.
Way off far in the distance
There glows a bright white light.


When it rains, it pours.
All I have are open soars.
When you cut me I will bleed.
Always telling me what I need.

You always doubt, never trust.
Coming back, always bust.
Flaming card upon the table.
Always burning, always able.

You cut me down limb by limb.
As I get up you strike again.
You feed upon all this pain,
As I ride the edge insane.

I can not see, I can not hear.
As you kill what I hold dear.
There is nothing thing left in my life
All there is, is pain and strife.


Ten thousand fingers massage my brain.
All it creates is more pain.
And itís making me go insane.

I fight it off with pills and drugs.
Stuff it up with human plugs.
I hallucinate killer bugs.

The madness fills the room.
It brings about more gloom.
In the end it spells your doom.

As you realize youíre not God.
You think that thatís a little odd.
That I came from a space pod.

I am a loaded gun.
With laws against having too much fun.
And I wish this was all done.

Inhuman X

As thinkers contradict the past,
We ignore the giant sonic blast.
People verses politics, in an inhuman race.
We are accelerating at an inhuman pace.

We are devouring the world and it's jewels
Using what is turning into killing tools.
Fight, fight turns over in your head,
Because we can't ignore the eternal bloodshed.

A great man once graced our eyes.
He said, "The revolution will be televised."
That isn't all that he said,
But because of the bloodshed, he is now dead.

Your brain boils blood until you explode
Killing all as you unload.
No one gets any sediment
So we blame it on the government.

As America goes down the drain
You turn over and scream in pain.
Waking up in a pillow of sweat
You realize there is no need to fret.


Give in to the mass genocide.
Nothing to lose, nothing to hide.
Nothing to win, no need to be free.
A ticket away from society.

Do what you please without fear.
Without persecution, without tears.
No pain and no punishment.
Only have self-government.

Life is yours to do what you will.
You'll have plenty of time, with time to kill.
As you rise with adoration.
It slowly turns to glorification.

You hear a gunshot in your head.
You look around, all is dead.
You know the end is very near.
As it falls; what falls a tear.


Fight the pain that thrives in your mind.
Returning back to the scene of the crime.
Bitter memories that cloud your thoughts.
Thinking of the battles that were fought.

Increasing your human rights.
Fighting blankly in the night.
Hands covered with your blood.
Fatally fighting in the mud.

Steaming pot about to boil.
Burning with scalding oil.
Fight the power with extreme force.
Taking a brutal course.

The world comes to a screeching halt.
When you join a famish cult.
Roll with the punches as you take a swing.
While you continually break everything.


I don't believe in destiny
I don't believe in fate
I don't believe in anything
I don't believe for hate

You fight with me
And now I see

I don't believe in ignorance
I don't believe to win
I don't believe in imagery
I don't believe in sin

Worlds fall apart
Ideas taken to heart
Soaring like a dart
Ripping you apart

I don't believe in evil
I don't believe in power
I don't believe in goodness
I don't believe to cower

You fight with me
And now I see

I don't believe in guilt
I don't believe in innocence
I don't believe in knowledge
I don't believe in ignorance

Worlds fall apart
Ideas taken to heart
Soaring like a dart
Ripping you apart

I don't believe to rant
I don't believe to rave
I don't believe in peace
I don't believe to save

You fight with me
And now I see

I don't believe in control
I don't believe in fame
I don't believe in chaos
I don't believe to blame

Worlds fall apart
Ideas taken to heart
Soaring like a dart
Ripping you apart

I don't believe the past
I don't believe the future
I don't believe in bliss
I don't believe in torture

You fight with me
And now I see

I don't believe in self
I don't believe to try
I don't believe in extortion
I don't believe to lie

Worlds fall apart
Ideas taken to heart
Soaring like a dart
Ripping you apart

I don't believe to fight
I don't believe to run
I don't believe in life
I don't believe it's fun


I run in circles in my mind.
I fight against you to save myself in time.
You stumble and fall into faith.
Look into a mirror and come face to face.

I bend and twist to save my soul.
But only to fall in your open hole.
You set a trap, I was the bait.
I fell into your trap of hate.

I can't seem to overcome.
You pinned me down with your free thumb.
I try to rebel, but you ignore.
You beat me 'til I was bloody and sore.


The sky is blue, you live your life.
You go home with no strife.

The sun rises, up you get.
Off to work with no fret.

You see your life inside out,
But looking in makes you shout.

Seeing who you are gives you a scare,
But the words can't compare.

The sky is purple, your have no life.
You have no home, but still no strife.

The sun rises, up you get.
You have no job, but no need to fret.

You see your life outside in,
Doing what you love again.

Seeing who you are makes you proud,
And the pain inside is not so loud.


Tears fall from the sky
The future passes you by
Rivers rise up to flood
The tears turn to drops of blood

Pain, it takes the shortest path
Nothing left in the aftermath
As it fights to strip you bare
It takes all, for all you care

Penance is upon you now
As raging as a mad cow
You start to reach for your white flag
Your soul steps in; your not afraid

You pull the pin from your dreams
As it explodes you see what it means
You take a look up in the sky
The rain has stopped, but now you cry


You are not measured by your clothes,
You are not measured by your looks,
You are not measured by your money,
You are not measured by your house,
You are not measured by your car,
You are not measured by your possessions,
You are not measured by your pains,
You are not measured by your pleasures,
You are not measured by your friends,
You are not measured by your job,
You are not measured by your attitude,
You are not measured by your actions,
You are not measured by your life,
You are not measured.....You are accepted.