Day after day innocent people are being deported,
interrogated and tortured - Put through the third degree
Fundamentalist forces are undermining the integrity
of liberal and democratic political structures
Radical anarchists, fascists and terrorists are
responsible for the violence

Our societies are saturated with bloodlust,
sensationalism and violence as a result of alienation
from oneself's reality
How much longer do we tolerate mass murder
Hand-cuffs and shackles won't frighten us
Neither cattle-prod nor electrical-whip will silence us
We shall use all peaceful means to overcome tyranny
Persist and march on
They can't use our shame against us
Regardless of race, social status or gender
We're all affected
I try to keep my faith alive
I'm close enough to trip the wire
I cannot keep my hate inside
I'm gonna set myself on fire
I get closer beat by beat
To get the thing I really need
I'm fucking terrified
Will you be ever satisfied