Get Out Of My Head

Forget what you've been told
Conceal the truth you know
The phoenix fights desire
And you know just what I mean
In my cells you're in my soul
What you can't touch you'll never hold
You ask beg you plead

Get out of my head

Just a little too late
Been so long gotta do a double-take
I don't remember your face
It's all the words and the way that we relate
Don't belong don't believe
Mind in motion makes me weep
Twistind 'til I transmutate
Reinstate deactivate
Colossal information
Short-circuit detonation

Sink deep
Trip switch is on the blink
Divide conquer
What you will is what you bring on
Emotions flight
Red comet glare ignite
Free fall
Against yourself you fight

Get out of my head
No letting go