Fight the power and the power will fight back
You're only as good as the system you hack
If you become a problem you will be replaced
Banned, shut down, erased
The world has capsized, gone erratic
Constitutional rights have dissolved into static
The truth is based on misinformation
Reality is only a hallucination

Another decade gone terribly wrong
Effectively affecting generations to come
We only buy into what we can sell
And we only want to protect you from yourself
While you fall on your face for the media-hype
We've already launched a new stereotype
Amending the story to keep it intact
And make sure our vision accommodates fact

Corporate wars vs. Plastic celebrity
Competing for headlines with pills for virility
Alterior motifs in a shroud of secrecy
The Holy Grail is market supremacy
Killing-machines for destruction and mayhem
Can we pity the victims if we don't even know them?
If anything goes wrong we blame the middleman
'Cuz we're not gonna stray from the agenda at hand

Do you know who owns and controls the station you're watching?
Does it matter?

The revolution will be synthesized...